Here we have details of a few of the lucky dogs that have been re-homed and are now loving their new families.

Amy showing us how happy she is in her new home.

Blue & White - DoB: April 2014
My new family is wonderful!

The kangaroo. Well named as he enjoys jumping on the spot to greet his friends, Joey is in fact a very calm and quiet young man who appreciates a sensitive and gentle touch as he can be shy. Walks perfectly individually and a good demeanour with other dogs. A beautiful boy with a sandy coat and contrasting charcoal muzzle, he is a dog to be very proud of, and will settle perfectly in a calm and loving home.

A distinguished looking hound with a grey and white coat, Kayhoe has a gentle, loving manner. If shown affection, he returns it in abundance, walks well by himself and with other dogs, and is deserving of a calm, loving home to spend his retirement.

Black - DoB: August 2012
I've got a new home .... it's woofderful!

A calm and steady boy with a distinctive charcoal coat, Kevin is friendly soul with a gentle disposition and walks beautifully on the lead. Unfussy but affectionate, he is a great companion and would settle quickly on either a one-to-one basis, or in a family home.

A tall, handsome black boy with a friendly manner, Kola is a real friend. Affectionate and sociable with people and dogs, loving attention and occasional treats he walks beautifully, is gently inquisitive and a fun companion when out. He responds well to all age groups so will make an excellent family pet.

An attractive black girl with a distinctive white chest and some slight snowflake markings, Leah is a friendly, outgoing girl, easy to walk and affectionate toward other dogs and people. With her lively personality she will add cheer to any home.

A large, handsome and friendly dark blue boy with a striking expression and appearance. Lively but easy-tempered, due to changed circumstances Liam has had to return to the kennels but is house-trained and eagerly awaiting a new forever home.

A dainty yet solid girl, Mae is quiet, gentle and a very easy-going friend. Kind with other dogs and people, she is a pleasure to be around and will suit any loving family environment.

Black - DoB: May 2010
I'm now in my new loving home and settling in nicely ... ooo it'll be lovely to be here for Christmas ... I wonder what presents I'll get!!

I've got a great new home. Yippee!

I'm in my new loving home now which is brilliant.

Black - DoB: January 2015
Tina is one of our youngest girls; medium sized with a soft black and bronze coat she is enthusiastic, with a constantly wagging tail and an appealing seal-like expression on her face whenever she goes for a walk. Inquisitive for most things and with an gentle and affectionate manner she will enjoy the company of a family or single owner who will give her the time she deserves, and will make a wonderful friend and pet.

We've got a new home! Woofderful!