Here we have details of a few of the lucky dogs that have been re-homed and are now loving their new families.

Amy showing us how happy she is in her new home.

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A handsome, low-slung hound with a glossy black coat, a large head and a friendly demeanour, Harry is easy to walk and happy in all company. Very much a dog, he will make a reliable and undemanding friend, and richly deserves a kind home for life. He is a pleasure to spend time with.

A tall, striking black brindle, Hugo is a classic gentle giant, not too demonstrative but inquisitive and affectionate when he overcomes his initial reserve. He walks happily when confident with his companion, and will be a beautiful addition to a loving household.

A gorgeous little black girl with startling amber eyes, Libby is not to be missed. A true treasure, friendly, kind but spirited and well-behaved on the lead, Libby would make a loving addition to any kind home.

A dainty yet solid girl, Mae is quiet, gentle and a very easy-going friend. Kind with other dogs and people, she is a pleasure to be around and will suit any loving family environment.

An elegant and beautiful brindle, Maxifly is a petite, loving girl who gazes affectionately at her friends when being walked and spoken to. Well behaved on the lead, she is sociable with people and other dogs, and will be an ideal addition to a good home.

A tall, elegant silver-brindle, Mick has a calm and friendly demeanour, is easy on the lead and should settle easily into a loving home environment. One of our stand-out hounds, he is a loving soul and a pleasure to spend time with.

Scarlett (O'Hara) - A charming, attractive brindle girl with an aristocratic demeanour. She thrives on praise and attention from people, enjoying walking on the lead. Prefers humans to other dogs, and will be better on a one-to-one basis or with a quiet family life, which will suit her perfectly.

A large, lively enthusiastic boy, Thad is a friendly soul. Only recently retired he is currently learning to walk on the lead, and gaining confidence around new faces. A thick white coat with black patches means he stands out from his peers. Being a powerful hound, he will suit a home that is confident with larger dogs, and families with older children.

Due to unforseen changing circumstances, dear Tilly has had to be returned from her home to the kennels. In appearance, a pretty, dainty black and while girl with bright, loving eyes. Although the senior lady in the kennel, she has the energy, fitness and enthusiasm of a young dog, walking and skipping along, enjoying the company of humans and other hounds. She responds to loving attention and fuss, and like all our hounds, should not be left alone for hours on a regular basis. Tilly would be a faithful friend to a single person or family, and brighten their days.

We've got a new home! Woofderful!

A relaxed hound with a black and white coat, Vic is a calm dog and a pleasure to be with. Friendly, grateful for small treats and his walks, Vic has the personality to suit most families and homes.

Lives up to his name. A lively, tall boy with a big, cheerful smile, handsome shiny black coat and abundant energy, Whizzy is a truly magnificent hound. He makes a very loving friend and companion and is extremely friendly, but needs a firm hold on the lead due to his exceptional speed and strength.

A lively, loving, energetic boy with a glossy black coat, William with his playful nature is a pleasure to be around. Eager to please and inquisitive, he loves spending time outside and would make a fun, strong companion ideally suited to adults and families with older children.