Hull Greyhound Rescue is an independent rescue charity run by volunteers and greyhound owners.

Due to restrictions with regard to Corona Virus
it is not possible for home checks to be undertaken
for the time being,
this will be reviewed in June. 

We’d still love you to rehome one of our dogs but
please bear this in mind.

Sue Markham heads the rescue – she has been active in rescuing and rehoming greyhounds since 1999 and has also been working with greyhounds for over 40 years.

The rescue is self-funded and relies on the generosity and kindness of supporters who also have a passion for greyhounds.

A ‘non-destructive’ policy is in place which means that NO greyhound, that the rescue helps, will be put to sleep except on health grounds where there is no other option.

Hound awareness:

Greyhounds are completely unlike any other dogs for example:

  • they need a steady routine and dislike change, most of them are not “play” interactive with children

  • this breed have short energy bursts and like to rest, which is usually on a padded dog bed or “sofa” if the family allows

  • they are the couch potatoes of the dog world – needing more sleep than other breeds

  • these dogs are not very good off lead due to their instincts to chase from their racing days

  • over time they can learn to interact with other breeds and some even becoming cat friendly

  • greyhounds need a complete “greyhound food” which is VAT FREE! (available from us) with a tasty topper


These beautiful hounds have come from a racing career, therefore have never been introduced to a home environment.


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Please have a look at our HELP NEEDED page.



If you are planning on going to any of the events on the right please check there haven’t been any changes, cancellations etc, eg due to the weather, before setting off.



Registered charity number:  1148410