Our Handsome Boys:

Recently arrived, Billy and Tipp are a striking pair of black hounds with distinguished bronze highlights. Much-loved by their owner, who was heartbroken to part company with them due to illness, they cannot be separated so require rehoming together (not a matter for debate). Both are very affectionate and loving dogs, with Billy in particular enjoying a cuddle, positive in their demeanour, and walk extremely well together, so will suit a home that is in a position to rehome both at the same time.

A handsome brindle boy with a strongly defined coat, Reggie is a powerful hound who settles quickly on his walks on the lead. With a civil and unfussy demeanour, he enjoys similar company and will make an excellent companion for adults and families with older children.

A lively, loving, energetic boy with a glossy black coat, William with his playful nature is a pleasure to be around. Eager to please and inquisitive, he loves spending time outside and would make a fun, strong companion ideally suited to adults and families with older children.