Our beautiful girls:

For the past four years, our gorgeous girl shared a happy and fulfilled life with her owners. Sadly, due to their unforeseen health problems Candy had to leave her home and friends and return to us. She is now desperately hoping to meet friends who will take her to a new home where she can live out her days in comfort and caring for her family. Candy is an affectionate, alert and intelligent girl, house-trained, used to walking on the lead, and with other dogs. She will be a special addition to any house and a loving companion.

A shiny black beauty, Carla is a recently retired, friendly girl. Walks well on the lead and always interested in those walking with her, humans and other dogs. Good natured and alert, she will easily settle into home life.

A pretty black girl with distinguished silver highlights, Dana is a happy girl with a great sense of fun and a playful disposition that makes her a joy to spend time with. She walks well individually and with other dogs, and being confident will quickly settle into a family situation.

Instantly attractive, with a friendly smile and distinctive white and brindle coat, Melody is an energetic little girl, enthusiastic in her manner toward people and dogs. She is a lively and playful companion and responds well to company.

A pretty, feminine girl with a stunning blue-brindle coat and kind eyes, Silky is a gentle companion. Walking well on the lead alone and with other dogs, her affectionate manner makes her an ideal friend for any home.

Susie is a lively, loving medium-sized girl, eager for walks and thoroughly enjoying the company of people. She is sociable with other dogs and soon settles down. Always interested in her surroundings, she will make a lovely pet and friend.

Although very recently retired, Tessa already enjoys the company of people and walks well with other dogs. An attractive and gentle black and white girl, this amiable hound will be a welcome presence in any home.

Recently arrived, Billy and Tipp are a striking pair of black hounds with distinguished bronze highlights. Much-loved by their owner, who was heartbroken to part company with them due to illness, they cannot be separated so require rehoming together (not a matter for debate). Both are very affectionate and loving dogs, with Billy in particular enjoying a cuddle, positive in their demeanour, and walk extremely well together, so will suit a home that is in a position to rehome both at the same time.