Our Frank


Frank chose us as his forever family in July 2018 literally bowling Jack over with a double shoulder hug.  He was known as Tank then, but to us he is simply, Our Frank. We found that there was a whole world he hadn’t experienced before and Frank learnt that 5.00 am was not a good time to wake up and we were always going to come home to him. Now in his groove he relaxes, legs akimbo, in all his favourites places with his cuddly toys.

Frank’s visited Hull Fair, enjoys pub/cafe stop offs and entered a friendly Dog Show winning a trophy which is on prominent display.  He loves his walks and has his own fan club – everyone knows and loves Frank and he is always patient with his admirers, especially younger children.


We’ve never been happier since joining Frank’s gang – he makes us smile and laugh (even when he nicked the Christmas turkey!) he rules the home roost, gives great greyhound hugs and has stolen our hearts.  We were lucky when Our Frank chose us.

Elaine & Stephen … Franks ‘Human’ pets!

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