Sadly not all dogs get homes, or are destined to live forever, here we tribute those who we have lost, but never forgotten.

Suzie unfortunately suffered a stroke about 6 months ago, and probably mini-strokes ever since; unfortunately she got to the point where she had no quality of life and is sadly no longer with us. A true friend, affectionate, inquisitive and always lively, Suzie was a special girl. Bringing some light to everyone's day with her cheerful self-confidence, and the enormous spring in her step, Suzie was greatly loved by everyone who spent time with her. Even after loosing some use of her back legs, she would always pad around the kennel with Paul, who cared for her so well, inspecting his work, keeping the other dogs in line, and greeting friends and visitors. We all have cherished memories of our dear little Suzie: her enormous leaps when well; her sharp, eager bark; the sight of her sunning herself in the paddock; her pretty, questing nose appearing around a door when she heard a friend arrive, or, even when her legs were not what they were, her valiant attempts at joining in with a walk. Although she never received the home she so richly deserved, Suzie had a very happy life with Paul, and those who knew and loved her will never forget our dear little friend.