Our Handsome Boys:

  • Males

A striking-looking black hound with a powerful build and pleasant disposition, Arnie enjoys walks and has the good temperament to settle with a loving owner or family. A affectionate hound with an air of relaxed confidence, he makes a loyal friend.

A tall, elegant silver-brindle, Mick has a calm and friendly demeanour, is easy on the lead and should settle easily into a loving home environment. One of our stand-out hounds, he is a loving soul and a pleasure to spend time with.

A broad black hound, solid in build and personality, Titan is a distinctive dog. A happy character, he would be loyal and affectionate to a loving family, and walks well with other dogs and people, though needs a firm hold on the lead as he is a very strong boy.

A lively, loving, energetic boy with a glossy black coat, William with his playful nature is a pleasure to be around. Eager to please and inquisitive, he loves spending time outside and would make a fun, strong companion ideally suited to adults and families with older children.