Dogs for Homing – Males

Our Handsome Boys:

Another large boy, Eddie is an easy dog to spend time with. With a matte black coat with grey highlights, he is a handsome hound with a relaxed demeanour, happy to accept attention and affectionate but undemanding. Although strong, he is calm on the lead and good natured to people and other dogs.

A compact, handsome blue boy Ted is a little shy with new faces, but responds well to a reassuring and kind word, and will reciprocate affection in abundance. An easy and gentle dog to walk, and will make a great friend.

A large, lively and handsome boy with a velvet-blue coat, Zero is an affectionate soul. Slightly diffident on first meeting, he quickly becomes a loyal friend. A strong dog with a great interest in his surroundings and the comings and goings of those nearby, our blue friend will suit the majority of loving home environments where he will quickly settle and become a wonderful companion. However, he may not be ideal for a family with young children due to his strength and enthusiastic nature.