Dogs for Homing – Females

Our beautiful girls:

A gorgeous little black girl with startling amber eyes, Libby is not to be missed. A true treasure, friendly, kind but spirited and well-behaved on the lead, Libby would make a loving addition to any kind home.

A striking, loving but powerful girl, Suzie is a pleasure to spend time with, returning affection and taking pleasure in the company of people and other dogs. With an attractive black coat with white markings, she stands out, and walks confidently, though makes her presence felt on the lead; she will quickly settle and be a welcome addition to any loving home

Due to unforseen changing circumstances, dear Tilly has had to be returned from her home to the kennels. In appearance, a pretty, dainty black and while girl with bright, loving eyes. Although the senior lady in the kennel, she has the energy, fitness and enthusiasm of a young dog, walking and skipping along, enjoying the company of humans and other hounds. She responds to loving attention and fuss, and like all our hounds, should not be left alone for hours on a regular basis. Tilly would be a faithful friend to a single person or family, and brighten their days.