Here we have details of a few of the lucky dogs that have been re-homed and are now loving their new families.

Amy showing us how happy she is in her new home.

We've got a new home! Woofderful!

Brindle - DoB: May 2013
I've got a new home .... wooooofffffieee!

For the past four years, our gorgeous girl shared a happy and fulfilled life with her owners. Sadly, due to their unforeseen health problems Candy had to leave her home and friends and return to us. She is now desperately hoping to meet friends who will take her to a new home where she can live out her days in comfort and caring for her family. Candy is an affectionate, alert and intelligent girl, house-trained, used to walking on the lead, and with other dogs. She will be a special addition to any house and a loving companion.

Blue & White - DoB: April 2014
My new family is wonderful!

The kangaroo. Well named as he enjoys jumping on the spot to greet his friends, Joey is in fact a very calm and quiet young man who appreciates a sensitive and gentle touch as he can be shy. Walks perfectly individually and a good demeanour with other dogs. A beautiful boy with a sandy coat and contrasting charcoal muzzle, he is a dog to be very proud of, and will settle perfectly in a calm and loving home.

Black - DoB: August 2012
I've got a new home .... it's woofderful!

A calm and steady boy with a distinctive charcoal coat, Kevin is friendly soul with a gentle disposition and walks beautifully on the lead. Unfussy but affectionate, he is a great companion and would settle quickly on either a one-to-one basis, or in a family home.

A tall, handsome black boy with a friendly manner, Kola is a real friend. Affectionate and sociable with people and dogs, loving attention and occasional treats he walks beautifully, is gently inquisitive and a fun companion when out. He responds well to all age groups so will make an excellent family pet.

An attractive black girl with a distinctive white chest and some slight snowflake markings, Leah is a friendly, outgoing girl, easy to walk and affectionate toward other dogs and people. With her lively personality she will add cheer to any home.

Black - DoB: May 2010
I'm now in my new loving home and settling in nicely ... ooo it'll be lovely to be here for Christmas ... I wonder what presents I'll get!!

I've got a great new home. Yippee!

A pretty, feminine girl with a stunning blue-brindle coat and kind eyes, Silky is a gentle companion. Walking well on the lead alone and with other dogs, her affectionate manner makes her an ideal friend for any home.

I'm in my new loving home now which is brilliant.

Whey-hey I'm now in a lovely new home and loving it!

Black - DoB: January 2015
Tina is one of our youngest girls; medium sized with a soft black and bronze coat she is enthusiastic, with a constantly wagging tail and an appealing seal-like expression on her face whenever she goes for a walk. Inquisitive for most things and with an gentle and affectionate manner she will enjoy the company of a family or single owner who will give her the time she deserves, and will make a wonderful friend and pet.

We've got a new home! Woofderful!

A good natured girl with an easy demeanour, Trinny is a pretty dog with an attractive white and brindle coat. Friendly toward and walks well with other dogs, she enjoys company and would be suited to a family or a single carer.