RIP FERGAL (Fergie) – The longest of them all


Fergal was the kind of dog to notice and a friend to be proud of. Broad-shouldered, with a very long back, handsome blue coat and a large, noble head he was a faithful and affectionate soul. Although he could seem reserved to those who didn’t know him well, he had a sense of fun, loving his walks, playing when the mood struck, and always politely wishing to be involved with day-to-day life. His habit of leaning against people he trusted, and affectionate gaze were greatly valued.

After retiring from a successful racing career, Fergal spent some time with Paul, who cared for him as well as he does with all the dogs, and was a particular friend to Scott and Jayne, who walked him each week. Eventually he found the happy, loving home he deserved with Janet and Geoffrey, where he was able to settle down and enjoy being a pet and friend to his new family. Sadly, Fergal’s time was far shorter than he deserved and he passed following a sudden illness, but our long friend made a difference to those he met and cared for, and he will always be remembered.

Our thoughts are with Janet and Geoffrey.

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